candy colored studio podcast episode #157: marissa huber & heather kirtland of carve out time for art - community, book & new podcast!

marissa huber heather kirtland carve out time for art book podcast community 

several years ago, marissa & heather combined forces to support mother artists & create a much-needed community on instagram. artists themselves, they were learning how to set aside tradition or opinions of others, and go after their own creative pursuits while being working mothers. soo many conversations and uplifting love shared between creative caregivers, artist takeovers, interviews and hashtag challenges. (they even created a global directory on their website: last year, their book, the motherhood of art hit bookshelves, continuing the support and conversation. most recently, they have started a patreon podcast called the creative instigators! enjoy this extra sweet conversation full of all the raw realness of mother artists, art journeys, boundaries, knowing yourself, an important litmus question, prioritizing, furthering your art through education, goals, passions, going for it...thunderstorms...and so much more. enjoy, enjoy! (make sure to enter the giveaway)

the motherhood of art book carve out time for art marissa huber & heather kirtland

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marissa huber heather kirtland carve out time for art book podcast community

heather kirtland art after the storm 24x30  marissa huber minted fabric homegoods


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