candy colored studio podcast episode #195 - kathryn knight sonntag's "the mother tree, discovering the love and wisdom of our divine mother"

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at a time of immense uncertainty, it’s comforting to have a few constants in our lives. for me, it’s family, friendship, art & most importantly: my relationship with deity. finding & creating new ways to connect with our heavenly parents in these times is invaluable. two years ago, kathryn knight sonntag invited us to consider our connections and relationship to heavenly mother through her poetry collection, the tree at the center. listen to episodes 87 & 88 for my interview with kathryn in 2020. today you’ll hear all about her new book: the mother tree - discovering the love and wisdom of our divine mother. beautiful imagery throughout the book invite us on a journey to better understand the realm of the divine feminine, our part in that journey, and the work that can be done to become our most authentic divine selves. enjoy!

the mother tree the tree at the center poetry collection kathryn knight sonntag heavenly mother divine feminine 


the mother tree: discovering the love and wisdom of our divine mother
"the tree at the center" kathryn’s poetry collection
website - 
instagram - @our.mother.tree 
episodes 87 & 88 (kathryn’s interview about “the tree at the center” in 2020 
youtube video of kathryn's 1st interview (scroll down to watch on this page) 

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