CANDYcolored studio podcast episode #202: artist tip for rest & momentum, new floral minis, spiritual experiences & faith crisis or faith opportunity?

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what do you do to ensure the rest you need while still maintaining your momentum in your work? hear about a recent create! podcast episode with ekaterina popova giving suggestions for artists preparing for time away from their studio. i’ll also share my recent experiences on the topic. if you’ve not seen them yet, check out my latest mini florals available in my mini circle collection. and our main topic of the day is a spiritual red pill asking if, lol, when asking faith questions are we acknowledging a faith crisis or are we inviting a faith opportunity? we’ll also talk about seeking daily spiritual experiences, how to welcome more and ensure that we’re ready for them.
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ep. #167 how to rest & keep your momentum on ekaterina popova’s create! podcast (scroll to listen on this page) 
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