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CANDYcolored studio podcast episode 232:

pam baumeister is a watercolor painter preserving memories and all the nostalgia of your favorite people, places, things and those precious moments you want to remember again and again. her background and career in marketing has not only helped her find the courage to put her artwork out there, but it’s helping other artists do the same. hear about her creative journey, health challenges, wisdom in marketing,mindset, and suggestions for other artists. her morning routine thanks to hal elrod’s “miracle mornings” is helping her become a better artist, mother, spouse and person overall. pam has an accountability mindset group on marco polo that you and your favorite creative people can join at just $14.99 each month. while marco polo can seem like an overwhelming group video chat – pam’s videos come in personally and you reply personally. more like a one-on-one mentor chat, this is a great option for all creatives to up their game. on september 21st, pam’s 4-week commission course opens. at $197, this is an affordable way to not only find more joy in your commission work, but learn from the bread and butter of pam’s business. find more & sign up at – attend her solo show opening october 28 from 4:30 to 6:30 pm at the sprague library in sugarhouse at 2131 south 1100 east in salt lake. enjoy enjoy this packed interview with fabulous pam!! xo