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CANDYcolored studio podcast episode 232:

pam baumeister is a watercolor painter preserving memories and all the nostalgia of your favorite people, places, things and those precious moments you want to remember again and again. her background and career in marketing has not only helped her find the courage to put her artwork out there, but it’s helping other artists do the same. hear about her creative journey, health challenges, wisdom in marketing,mindset, and suggestions for other artists. her morning routine thanks to hal elrod’s “miracle mornings” is helping her become a better artist, mother, spouse and person overall. pam has an accountability mindset group on marco polo that you and your favorite creative people can join at just $14.99 each month. while marco polo can seem like an overwhelming group video chat – pam’s videos come in personally and you reply personally. more like a one-on-one mentor chat, this is a great option for all creatives to up their game. on september 21st, pam’s 4-week commission course opens. at $197, this is an affordable way to not only find more joy in your commission work, but learn from the bread and butter of pam’s business. find more & sign up at – attend her solo show opening october 28 from 4:30 to 6:30 pm at the sprague library in sugarhouse at 2131 south 1100 east in salt lake. enjoy enjoy this packed interview with fabulous pam!! xo

pod-sister panel!! press experiences and opportunities with the ladies of the artists soar podcast: stephanie, rachel & jules and jessica of the inspired painter podcast

pod-sister podcast panel episode artists soar the inspired painter candy colored studio press for artists

CANDYcolored studio podcast episode 222:

have you taken advantage of press opportunities? are you interested in getting more press for your artwork? hear from 5 artists with different styles & subjects, with different press experiences & opportunities, and various goals for future press. what is press? how can i reach out to press? what opportunities are best for me? how can i be my best ally when it comes to press? hear our thoughts on these questions and so much more! in this podcast episode we brainstorm together and offer suggestions that you can pursue too. special thanks to stephanie weaver, jules mccullough, rachel harchanko and jessica libor for sharing their experiences, hope and dreams. listen to the artist soar podcast episode 22 for jules’ horrifying discovery about her doppelganger. email us your greatest goal for press – we’d love to manifest that as a group. sending so much love from all 5 of us! xo

an art trunk or treat, sonja solbakken’s grand opening, how to avoid being a starving artist with the profit first method and a red pill about our earth

an art trunk or treat, sonja solbakken’s grand opening, how to avoid being a starving artist with the profit first method and a red pill about our earth
do you love the byu moa as i do?! i have so many sweet memories that began in college and later spilled into visits with our kiddos. this next week i’ll be participating in their “Halloween Art CARnival” – an art trunk or treat of sorts – Monday October 24th at 6 pm. Also, a beautiful new home, design, textile, art & apparel shop has opened in Salt Lake with a Scandi vibe full of goodness. is the “starving artist” thing real?! unfortunately, yes. there are lots of ways to avoid it, being more organized, time-conscious, intentional with the events we participate in, making sure our pricing ensures profitability – there’s also a “profit first” method that is helping carl and i with our businesses and i think it’s another sure way to avoiding the unsuccessful mindset and lifestyle. finally, a red pill on our earth – a list of topics you can check out.

candy colored studio podcast episode #193: the bennett prize, 7 ways to survive summer with kids as a professional artist, & a UFO red pill

large floral circle art hummingbird, starling, thick oil paint contemporary original

floral circle art hummingbird starling contemporary thick oil paint large original

hear about a great opportunity for female figurative artists as jessica libor of “the inspired painter” podcast interviews the collectors, curators & creators of “the bennett art collection” and “bennett prize”: dr. elaine melotti schmidt & steven alan bennett. I’ll also be sharing 7 things i’ll be doing to make the trasition to summer with our family of 7 a bit smoother. being a mother artist is probably hardest for me in the summer time, but here are some things i’ve learned to adapt over the years. finally, the red pill you’ve been waiting for lol…no seriously, after last week’s episode i thought, oh they will think i’ve officially lost it and the next red pill will be about ufos…and then i saw that there was a senate committee hearing on just that yester day…so i listened and here are some of my thoughts. much love to you and best wishes as you prepare for summer!!!

CANDYcolored studio podcast episode 189: manifesting, my commission process & a water red pill

commission process oil painting floral birds artist thick paint

commission process artists oil painting floral bird thick paint

a peek at the progress of a recent floral ;)

today’s artist tip is all about “manifesting” but from a new perspective and i found it the most helpful explanation on manifesting that i've come across. we’ll also be chatting more about commissions and i’ll share my commission process: the questions and decisions my collectors make before i start and what the process really looks like. as for the red pill for the week…we’ll be talking all about the water and asking all sorts of questions about safety and possibilities.

candy colored studio podcast episode 167: mary brickey - final days of the certain women show & catching up with mary

candy colored studio podcast episode 167: mary brickey - final days of the certain women show & catching up with mary
catching up with mary was such a treat. it reminded me how important it is to not just celebrate all the good in each other's projects and lives, but also to honestly share about the challenges we’re facing and what they’re teaching us too. thank you mary for sharing so much of your heart. and for giving us a peek behind the scenes of your incredible journey curating this third certain women art show about our heavenly mother. in this episode you’ll hear mary share about her piece and many other pieces in the show. 

candy colored studio podcast ep. 158 - the happiest broken record of marketing

beljar heber city desiree ashworth design original oil paintings

do you ever worry about sharing too much or too often? what about with a big event? have you ever been so sad you missed something because you got behind on your email or social media? it's the worst feeling to realize you didn't hear about something you'd really liked to have attended until after the event. here are some ways to embrace the happy broken record and serve others in the process.

tips for artists: how to wire original paintings, where to put the wire & hardware (candy colored studio podcast episode #27)

tips for artists: how to wire original paintings, where to put the wire & hardware (candy colored studio podcast episode #27)

how should i frame, mount, & wire my original painting? where do i put the wire? do museums and galleries have a standard distance and length to attach hardware & wire?

in my experience, galleries and museums i've worked with prefer 2-D artwork to be wired securely, prerably using D-rings (not sawtooth claws). for my artwork, i prefer to have the hardware and wire as close to the top of the frame or cradle as possible to avoid the top of the artwork hanging away from the wall. 

this is my first "crossover" podcast episode/youtube video! keep an eye out for future tips and FAQs asked by artists. email me your queries to or leave a comment below. 

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