trading comfort for truth and symbols of hope in my latest large piece

oval flofal doves mums thick oil paint contemporary flowers

CANDYcolored studio podcast episode 227:

"i wish you love" was created with all the symbols of hope – doves in all sorts of colors from all over the world, irises, poppies and chrysanthemums. named after the song by sarah mckenzie, 48x60 oil on an oval wood board. seeing signs of spring and feeling so much gratitude as the weather changes and animals return to our neighborhood. manifesting goodness for artists embarking on new creative projects & ventures. meanwhile, i’ve been pondering what comfort i'd be willing to give up to find and embrace truth – does it involve unknown timing and the possibility of getting "stuck"? will cross-training by finding new places to search & learn flex our discernment muscles & help us while we're waiting to find that peace & joy in truth? lots to consider – sending so much love!!