candy colored studio podcast episode #121 - fear. brave souls. reading more & open minds

what do YOU do when a new or old fear starts creeping in? do you meditate/pray/go for a run/share with a loved one or research your heart out? i’ve been voraciously reading, listening and researching every aspect of this pandemic, the sidebar events etc. i want to hear ALL the things and experiences from ALL the people. I feel like i can’t just take the opinion or thoughts of the first person/source i come across...for me, the peace of mind comes from diving deeper and deeper, reading more and more. i NEED the freedom to follow the trail, i WANT the freedom to be able to listen to any one out there that has something to say...and i MUST have the space to make my own choices...AND i want YOU to be able to do the SAME -- even if we don’t come up with the same resolve. in this episode i get pretty raw talking about my fears, frustrations, hope, realities (or seeming realities), the idea of “consensus”, and share the resources giving me the strength to follow and pursue what’s best for me...and our lil’ family.

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gabor maté interview on addiction
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