candy colored studio podcast episode #128 - podcast 2nd anniversary & 5 political thoughts

it’s been 2 years that i’ve been podcasting and i’d like to invite you to celebrate with me! i’m doing a giveaway of sorts...i have some special treats to send the first 10 people who rate and review the “candy colored studio” in apple podcasts (link in the show notes). just send me a screenshot of your review to and i’ll show you your choices. i’m also sharing 5 honest political thoughts i’ve been having recently that i’ll share in the episode (and yes, talking openly about my political thoughts is not comfortable nor is it normal lol). you’re loved!

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melissa robel of pads4refugees
tara teaspoon’s cookbook “live life deliciously”
melody newey johnson’s “imperfect roundness
kathryn sonntag’s “tree at the center”
mcarthur & bethany’s “a girl’s guide to heavenly mother”
bari j’s “bloom wild”
mindy brown’s “eve & adam”
elder william k jackson “the culture of christ” talk
elder dallin h oaks quote under “additional resources” in last week’s “come follow me” lesson
sharon eubank’s “by union of feeling” talk

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