candy colored studio podcast ep. 163 - eve, asherah & the great red pill

katrina berg art candy colored studio podcast
the latest certain women art show is up and this year’s edition is all about our heavenly mother. in this episode, i’m sharing my statement and a little about the creation of this painting. I’ll also talk about red pills, a scene from the first matrix movie and how it applies to eve, her choice, our choices and our current quest for truth.

candy colored studio episode #64 - author melinda brown: EVE and ADAM discovering the beautiful balance

author mindy brown and artist katrina berg in the candy colored studio
Meet my beautiful friend Melinda Brown, author of EVE and ADAM discovering the beautiful balance. We originally met at art shows as she and her family are avid art collectors. The more I got to know Mindy, the more I learned of the foundations and causes she supports that seek to protect and uplift women. One sweet afternoon she shared with me some of the precious gems she was researching for this book. It came at a time when I was struggling spiritually with so many unanswered questions. Our talk and the knowledge she shared with me that day has been an important part of my healing and understanding that I will always treasure. I have been anxiously waiting for her book to be published and am excited for each of you to have the opportunity a