pod-sister panel!! press experiences and opportunities with the ladies of the artists soar podcast: stephanie, rachel & jules and jessica of the inspired painter podcast

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CANDYcolored studio podcast episode 222:

have you taken advantage of press opportunities? are you interested in getting more press for your artwork? hear from 5 artists with different styles & subjects, with different press experiences & opportunities, and various goals for future press. what is press? how can i reach out to press? what opportunities are best for me? how can i be my best ally when it comes to press? hear our thoughts on these questions and so much more! in this podcast episode we brainstorm together and offer suggestions that you can pursue too. special thanks to stephanie weaver, jules mccullough, rachel harchanko and jessica libor for sharing their experiences, hope and dreams. listen to the artist soar podcast episode 22 for jules’ horrifying discovery about her doppelganger. email us your greatest goal for press – we’d love to manifest that as a group. sending so much love from all 5 of us! xo