staying in our own lane as artists & entrepreneurs, the largest & final piece in my solo show and a solo show update

staying in our own lane as artists & entrepreneurs, the largest & final piece in my solo show and a solo show update
CANDYcolored studio podcast episode 230
it’s been a hot minute friend! as my solo show debut got closer i ran out of energy to do the podcast lol. but i’m so happy to be back. in this episode you’ll hear about the 48x96” “blue skies” painting that includes flowers and birds that symbolize joy and celebration. also, a white rabbit coming out of a cage, doves drinking from a bird bath, a cake, peacock and so much more. soo many thanks to susan and her team at alpine art who’ve done such a beautiful job with the show. in my podcast show notes on you’ll be able to watch my recent segments on ksl’s studio 5 with brooke walker, an art review article by avery greig on 15 bytes and you can flip through my online catalog of the show. thanks to jessica libor of "the inspired painter podcast" we can consider what "staying in our lane" as artists and entrepreneurs looks like. and a red pill about misinformation or covid myths.
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parent realization: our "greatest mistake" is really our greatest blessing

podcast for parents mothers
CANDYcolored studio podcast episode 225:
sharing today about the most unexpected blessings that came into our life and caused a great pivot and hinge-point for our marriage and set the stage for our family of 7 – and we’re eternally grateful! other things mentioned in this episode are a reminder to apply for the springville salon if you’re local. also, check out the new “pod-sisters” panel episode with my favorite artist ladies of the “artists soar” and the “inspired painter” podcasts – it’s episode # 77 on the “artists soar” podcast – all about the importance and power of saying “no” and all the goodness that comes when we do so. if you’re listening on spotify, enjoy emilie-claire barlow’s latest song, “bird of beauty” – it’s absolutely charming. there’s a couple red pills to consider, some gratitude & manifesting thoughts. (click to listen)

8 must–read art publications, my 5’ tall easter egg painting, what to do with older artwork, & 15 ways to survive a winter apocalypse

large oval contemporary art floral oil birds thick paint candy color chinoisery ginger jar sandhill crane kingfisher
for art collectors looking for new artists to follow and learn about or for artists looking for new inspiration – here’s a list of 8 magazines you might want to purchase a copy or subscription. from “fine art connoisseur” to “art and cake”, i’m sure you’ll find something new that you’ll enjoy. slcc (salt lake community college) is open for exhibition proposals till april 7th, and create! magazine is accepting art for their summer issue. a pod-sister panel episode about what to do with older work has launched on jessica libor’s “inspired painter podcast” – listen to episode #115. it’s packed with wonderful ideas and mindset thoughts for artists. hear about the symbolism in my latest large oval floral with birds that symbolize easter. a red pill about our media, who owns it, where the info comes from and more. and finally, 15 ways that have helped me enjoy winter – even an apocalyptic one as the one we’re currently enjoying!

pod-sister panel!! press experiences and opportunities with the ladies of the artists soar podcast: stephanie, rachel & jules and jessica of the inspired painter podcast

pod-sister podcast panel episode artists soar the inspired painter candy colored studio press for artists

CANDYcolored studio podcast episode 222:

have you taken advantage of press opportunities? are you interested in getting more press for your artwork? hear from 5 artists with different styles & subjects, with different press experiences & opportunities, and various goals for future press. what is press? how can i reach out to press? what opportunities are best for me? how can i be my best ally when it comes to press? hear our thoughts on these questions and so much more! in this podcast episode we brainstorm together and offer suggestions that you can pursue too. special thanks to stephanie weaver, jules mccullough, rachel harchanko and jessica libor for sharing their experiences, hope and dreams. listen to the artist soar podcast episode 22 for jules’ horrifying discovery about her doppelganger. email us your greatest goal for press – we’d love to manifest that as a group. sending so much love from all 5 of us! xo

latest large floral w/ birds, what YOU want to hear in 2023, opportunities for artists & collectors, an artist tip on seasons of creativity, & an msn redpill

latest large floral w/ birds, what YOU want to hear in 2023, opportunities for artists & collectors, an artist tip on seasons of creativity, & an msn redpill
it’s been 4 years! back in november i began my 5th year of the CANDYcolored studio podcast. what a wonderful journey and thanks so much for taking it with me! as i prepare episodes each week, i want you to know that you’re on my mind! and i’d love to hear what YOU’d like to hear more of in 2023! fill out the short survey below or in the show notes on my podcast page at! in this episode i’ll also give you some thoughts and background on my latest very large floral with birds painting that will be in my solo show opening may 19th. it’s named after the beyond lovely song “angel’s lullaby” by emilie-claire barlow. you’ll hear some opportunities for collectors and artists and some tips for artists & collectors. finally, i’ll embed a video of msn lies by charlie ward and mary of “we the people news.” as you process and heal this year, may you be supported and feel so much love. thanks for all you do!! xo