artist tip on being productive and making space in my heart & mind for those things most important

jules mccoulough illustrations christmas card
CANDYcolored studio podcast episode 216:
it’s the last week to see springville museum of art’s annual spiritual & religious show! also, on my website under episode 216 you’ll find links and images for jules mccullough’s fantastic newly released christmas cards – buy some for next year or bookmark her page to jump on it next fall. she has the most charming physical and digital cards! (my favs are her illustrations of flamingo, narwhal & whale — oh they’re just delightful!) for our artist & entrepreneur tip this week, i encourage you to listen to marie forleo’s episode 323 all about productivity and 3 things she DOESN'T do. you’ll love these suggestions and i have a few other episodes you can listen to or look out for with similar themes (in the show notes). the main topic for the week is about making space for those important things when we’re struggling with health or emotional challenges of any kind that truly seek to distract us from those things we really want/should be doing or spending time with those we love most. i share 5 strategies and an interview that have helped me face things personally. i’d love to hear what is helping you (email me and of course would love to hear how you’re doing as you implement any of these or whatever your heart is desperately trying to teach you ;). sending so much love, support & confidence as you face 2023!! xoxo
jules mccoulough christmas cards illustration

springville museum of fine art's spiritual & religious show and instagram
jules mccoulough's physical & digital christmas cards
marie forleo episode 323 - stop doing these 3 things to be productive
jamie harmon interview episode 214 (CANDYcolored studio)
CANDYcolored studio episode 110 - the importance of "yes" and "no"
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ben behunin's artful episode interview 

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