candy colored studio podcast episode #45 - lisa draper: an artist journey made easier with systems: how to clear your mind, giving you the space needed to create

lisa draper contemporary mixed media resin artist and mother in utah

It's hard to know where to start with this episode lol. Lisa was so willing to share so much of her artist journe and what it's been like for her to dive headfirst into the world of a professional artist. She shares everything from:

  • her beginnings as an artist
  • traveling around the world in search of her path as an artist
  • having small children and allowing others to come in and help
  • organizing her time and talents to be most efficient
  • support from her spouse and family
  • feeling trapped as a young mom
  • love of horses and sacrificing hers (Apollo) to follow another dream
  • sacrificing for a greater reward
  • the "nectar" of productivity
  • an organization mindset and its importance
  • realizing your personal mission in life
  • clearing your mind so that you have space and time to create
  • blocking in time and making routines
  • identifying the pain points in your biz
  • discovering what you can outsource

...and so much more!

Connect with Lisa on her website or on instagram!