"signs and symbols of spring" reception photos (my solo show)

"signs and symbols of spring" reception photos (my solo show)
thanks so much to all who came and celebrated with us at alpine art & frame's salt lake gallery stroll reception. it was wonderful to be with each of you!
see “signs & symbols of spring” till this friday june 30th
430 east south temple, salt lake
hours: 9 to 5:30 (monday - friday)
below you'll see some favorite photos from that night.

alpine art gallery photo shoot with my dancer & her bestie!

alpine art gallery photo shoot with my dancer & her bestie!

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i spent a special day with daughter and her bestie at the gallery -- when she was little i'd follow her around with my camera trying to capture all her adventures and sweet moments. things move so much faster these days and it was a gift to spend time with anneclaire and her bff in the alpine art & frame gallery celebrating art, dance & friendship. here are my favs from the photoshoot. flip through the online show catalog here.

15 bytes review of katrina berg's solo show "signs & symbols of spring"

15 bytes review of katrina berg's solo show "signs & symbols of spring"
alpine art katrina berg large floral bird oil thick paint solo show

special thanks to avery grieg and 15 bytes for their review of my solo show. i'll leave a peek below, click here to read the entire article on 15 bytes.

Other works in the exhibition, including “Angels’ Lullaby” and “I Want to Break Free,” deal with heavier topics such as healing and processing past events or letting go of old beliefs. Although these themes can be significantly heavy topics, Berg does not use them as an opportunity to dump dark colors and painful subjects onto her canvases. Just as in “I’ve Got Plenty to Be Thankful For,” Berg subverts these deeper messages with her light, feminine and deeply symbolic creations. If there is one thing the exhibition solidifies, it is that broad and heavy issues do not become diluted when expressed in feminine colors and themes.

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CANDYcolored studio podcast episode #197: symbolism in latest large floral with birds, an artist tip about perseverance & gumption, a biblical egyptian archeological find, and a red pill in otero county new mexico

circle floral art spoonbill finch original oil painting

what are you grateful for right now?! my latest large circle floral with birds is named after the bing crosby song “i’ve got plenty to be thankful for.” hear about the symbolism for each flower, leaf & bird in the painting. lots to be grateful for and lots to consider in character growth in the “becoming” process. even more, i think the overall theme for my solo show is gradually emerging and that is super exciting to consider too. next up: our artist tip for the week is a delightful and insightful interview of “where women creates” jo packman by “create. every. day” podcaster deanne fitzpatrick. it is an absolute must-listen. find it in your podcast app or listen in my website show notes. a very interesting & possible biblical archeological find and we finish with a red pill about the otero county new mexico county council meeting. so much going on…may you find joy and light in your journey this week, much love!!

candy colored studio podcast episode #193: the bennett prize, 7 ways to survive summer with kids as a professional artist, & a UFO red pill

large floral circle art hummingbird, starling, thick oil paint contemporary original

floral circle art hummingbird starling contemporary thick oil paint large original

hear about a great opportunity for female figurative artists as jessica libor of “the inspired painter” podcast interviews the collectors, curators & creators of “the bennett art collection” and “bennett prize”: dr. elaine melotti schmidt & steven alan bennett. I’ll also be sharing 7 things i’ll be doing to make the trasition to summer with our family of 7 a bit smoother. being a mother artist is probably hardest for me in the summer time, but here are some things i’ve learned to adapt over the years. finally, the red pill you’ve been waiting for lol…no seriously, after last week’s episode i thought, oh they will think i’ve officially lost it and the next red pill will be about ufos…and then i saw that there was a senate committee hearing on just that yester day…so i listened and here are some of my thoughts. much love to you and best wishes as you prepare for summer!!!