8 of the greatest lessons i'm learning in parenthood

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CANDYcolored studio podcast episode 233: “people love to stay in their coffin of comfort- we're more alive when we're uncomfortable, staying comf...

"signs & symbols of spring" -- my solo show at alpine art & frame in salt lake

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signs and symbols of spring

alpine art & frame
430 east south temple street
salt lake city
go see the show at alpine art & frame until friday june 30th!
gallery hours:
monday - friday 9 am to 5:30 pm
saturday 10 am to 3 pm
instagram: @alpineartframe

artist tip on being productive and making space in my heart & mind for those things most important

artist tip on being productive and making space in my heart & mind for those things most important
CANDYcolored studio podcast episode 216:
it’s the last week to see springville museum of art’s annual spiritual & religious show! also, on my website under episode 216 you’ll find links and images for jules mccullough’s fantastic newly released christmas cards – buy some for next year or bookmark her page to jump on it next fall. she has the most charming physical and digital cards! (my favs are her illustrations of flamingo, narwhal & whale — oh they’re just delightful!) for our artist & entrepreneur tip this week, i encourage you to listen to marie forleo’s episode 323 all about productivity and 3 things she DOESN'T do. you’ll love these suggestions and i have a few other episodes you can listen to or look out for with similar themes (in the show notes). the main topic for the week is about making space for those important things when we’re struggling with health or emotional challenges of any kind that truly seek to distract us from those things we really want/should be doing or spending time with those we love most. i share 5 strategies and an interview that have helped me face things personally. i’d love to hear what is helping you (email me and of course would love to hear how you’re doing as you implement any of these or whatever your heart is desperately trying to teach you ;). sending so much love, support & confidence as you face 2023!! xoxo

CANDYcolored studio podcast episode #197: symbolism in latest large floral with birds, an artist tip about perseverance & gumption, a biblical egyptian archeological find, and a red pill in otero county new mexico

circle floral art spoonbill finch original oil painting

what are you grateful for right now?! my latest large circle floral with birds is named after the bing crosby song “i’ve got plenty to be thankful for.” hear about the symbolism for each flower, leaf & bird in the painting. lots to be grateful for and lots to consider in character growth in the “becoming” process. even more, i think the overall theme for my solo show is gradually emerging and that is super exciting to consider too. next up: our artist tip for the week is a delightful and insightful interview of “where women creates” jo packman by “create. every. day” podcaster deanne fitzpatrick. it is an absolute must-listen. find it in your podcast app or listen in my website show notes. a very interesting & possible biblical archeological find and we finish with a red pill about the otero county new mexico county council meeting. so much going on…may you find joy and light in your journey this week, much love!!

candy colored studio podcast episode #194 - first big floral in my latest series heading to my solo show, an artist tip all about tamara laporte’s life book and a red pill about our vote and is it safe?

candy colored studio podcast episode #194 - first big floral in my latest series heading to my solo show, an artist tip all about tamara laporte’s life book and a red pill about our vote and is it safe?

circle floral art original oil painting thick paint birds chinoisery ginger jar

"adriana" (sold), more coming soon to beljar home in heber city

(***to watch the visual version of this episode, check out my youtube or spotify channels.) a bit of a studio update: you’ll see my latest large floral “our love is here to stay”, along with a peek at what the frame will look like and some detail photos. as for our artist tip for the week: i recently enjoyed suzanne redmond’s interview with mixed media artist tamara laporte, her art & mental wellness journey, and how her latest “life book 2022” is bringing 31 instructors and artists around the world together to create, find new inspiration and further develop their style and meaning in their work. this week’s red pill is all about the possibility that our vote may not be secure and some data for us to look at and decide what to do with that information. if you’ve not watched the documentary, “2000 mules” it is an absolutely fascinating and revealing 90 minutes that is causing quite a stir but also encouraging specific counties and sheriffs to look closer at the security of their absentee ballots.

candy colored studio podcast episode # 191: website tips for artists, the power of commissions & a dr. zev zelenko red pill

floral bird circle art thick oil paint chinoisery vase

floral circle art birds chinoiserie vase custom gold leaf frame thick oil paint

see this painting in person at beljar home at 345 gateway dr, suite 100 heber city @beljarhome

do artists need a website and if so, what should they consider when building it or refreshing its content? this week’s episode has tips for artist websites that will elevate your current or future site. our fourth episode in a mini series on commissions is all about the power that comes as we accept commissions. there are so many unexpected bonuses that have further developed my style, confidence & helped me try new subjects & series. see and hear about recent specific examples. finally, a dr. zev zelenko red pill about our current situation, divine intervention and hope for the future. enjoy!

candy colored studio podcast episode 187: music in the studio, inspiring paintings and titles for paintings (hear my collection playlists)

fashion oil painting art

fashion art oil painting

where do you find daily inspiration?!! music is such a favorite go-to in the CANDYcolored studio. hear how it influences my paintings and the titles of the pieces. listen to my favorite songs and singers that make my heart sing as i work away. you’ll find my amazon playlists and a couple on spotify as well. enjoy!!

candy colored studio podcast ep. 158 - the happiest broken record of marketing

beljar heber city desiree ashworth design original oil paintings

do you ever worry about sharing too much or too often? what about with a big event? have you ever been so sad you missed something because you got behind on your email or social media? it's the worst feeling to realize you didn't hear about something you'd really liked to have attended until after the event. here are some ways to embrace the happy broken record and serve others in the process.