8 of the greatest lessons i'm learning in parenthood

fall leaves heber valley utah wasatch back
CANDYcolored studio podcast episode 233: “people love to stay in their coffin of comfort- we're more alive when we're uncomfortable, staying comf...

artist alex reed's east idaho art market

artist alex reed's east idaho art market
CANDYcolored STUDIO PODCAST episode 229:
are you an art collector? do you have an artist heart? have you or anyone you know given up a creative passion to pursue a more "practical" college degree or degrees?!! you will love hearing about alex's journey as a creative, and her brave steps to follow her artist heart despite her education, expertise, and the loud voices many of us hear. a mother of two toddlers, alex is constantly seeking how to be the mother she wants to be while filling her artist heart. when traveling large distances to reach all the shows and markets she knew would bring her artwork to those seeking her symbolic folk art style began to compete with her priority as a mother of young children, she created a market of her own. the east idaho art market began last may and was a wild success. a small community where artists and residents are just beginning to receive support from city employees & officials, alex and her co-founder shelby thayne couldn't be more pleased. this year, attend the east idaho art market august 26th from 10 to 5 and lookout for their holiday market later in the year. if you're in utah, you can also get to know alex and her artwork the end of this month (june) till july 4th at "art around the park" that runs simultaneously to the beloved "wasatch plein air paradise" event that has been part of midway city's 4th of july for many years. she'll also be at the "sidewalk art festival" in idaho falls july 22nd and 23rd. let's be part of the exciting "shift" alex talks about in her interview. make sure to follow her email lists on her website: and on 

"signs & symbols of spring" -- my solo show at alpine art & frame in salt lake

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signs and symbols of spring

alpine art & frame
430 east south temple street
salt lake city
go see the show at alpine art & frame until friday june 30th!
gallery hours:
monday - friday 9 am to 5:30 pm
saturday 10 am to 3 pm
instagram: @alpineartframe

parent realization: our "greatest mistake" is really our greatest blessing

podcast for parents mothers
CANDYcolored studio podcast episode 225:
sharing today about the most unexpected blessings that came into our life and caused a great pivot and hinge-point for our marriage and set the stage for our family of 7 – and we’re eternally grateful! other things mentioned in this episode are a reminder to apply for the springville salon if you’re local. also, check out the new “pod-sisters” panel episode with my favorite artist ladies of the “artists soar” and the “inspired painter” podcasts – it’s episode # 77 on the “artists soar” podcast – all about the importance and power of saying “no” and all the goodness that comes when we do so. if you’re listening on spotify, enjoy emilie-claire barlow’s latest song, “bird of beauty” – it’s absolutely charming. there’s a couple red pills to consider, some gratitude & manifesting thoughts. (click to listen)

8 must–read art publications, my 5’ tall easter egg painting, what to do with older artwork, & 15 ways to survive a winter apocalypse

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for art collectors looking for new artists to follow and learn about or for artists looking for new inspiration – here’s a list of 8 magazines you might want to purchase a copy or subscription. from “fine art connoisseur” to “art and cake”, i’m sure you’ll find something new that you’ll enjoy. slcc (salt lake community college) is open for exhibition proposals till april 7th, and create! magazine is accepting art for their summer issue. a pod-sister panel episode about what to do with older work has launched on jessica libor’s “inspired painter podcast” – listen to episode #115. it’s packed with wonderful ideas and mindset thoughts for artists. hear about the symbolism in my latest large oval floral with birds that symbolize easter. a red pill about our media, who owns it, where the info comes from and more. and finally, 15 ways that have helped me enjoy winter – even an apocalyptic one as the one we’re currently enjoying!

upcoming art auctions, jenna kutcher suggests 5 questions to ask ourselves, learning new ways to renew my sacrament coventant, forgive & meaning in the jubilee

upcoming art auctions, jenna kutcher suggests 5 questions to ask ourselves, learning new ways to renew my sacrament coventant, forgive & meaning in the jubilee
CANDYcolored studio podcast episode 221: 

i’m working away on my giant easter egg of a painting with all sorts of easter symbols and thoughts. i’ll leave some progess photos in the show notes. enjoy! do you listen to jenna kutcher’s goal digger podcast? she’s absolutely wonderful and has so many great suggestions in life and business. hear the 5 questions she says top business owners are asking themselves and each other – and see if they will help you too! we’re approaching spring art auction season – keep an eye out for two online art auctions where you can buy my art and so many others’ while supporting scholarships for preschool students and artists with the early light institute and vision of the arts. both april auctions will have small original works of art available. if you’re listening on spotify, you’ll find a song at the end of the episode by the bird watchers, who will be coming to the maxfield’s a-frame concerts. our red pill invite this week is to research the WEF/Global initiative’s “15 minute cities” – what are they and has your local city committed to participate? watch an interview with chelcie hope and we ARE the people talking about salt lake city, utah’s 15 minute city, “the point” that is underway. finally, i’m sharing some spiritual ah-ha!s that i’ve been experiencing lately – new ways to worship, renew my sacrament covenant and see the jewish tradition of jubilee.

traveling with 5 kids to bimini, upcoming art events & calls for art, and better goal setting with the “artists soar” podcast ladies

bimini bahamas with kids big family vrbo
sharing some of our successes, failures and adventure moments on the lovely island of bimini. traveling abroad with a family of 7 is not for the faint of heart but the memories always make it so worth it! there are some really great events coming up in utah and beyond. hear about the artist soar ladies recent episode about making smarter goals and how they can help you throughout the year.

supporting living artists at local seasonal art markets, a joe rogan red pill on forgiveness & 26 things i don’t do to make time to paint

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CANDYcolored studio podcast episode 219:
are you a frequenter of art & etsy style markets? we have some really great ones in northern utah – my favorites are the utah art market and the beehive bazaar. collectors can discover new local artists by enjoying these handmade market venues. a red pill based on a recent joe rogan podcast interview with bret weinstein that asks us if we have a line for forgiveness and if we've come to terms with our choices. and my latest list of things i’m avoiding so that i have time to paint. sometimes the best way to get more time to do the things we really want to be doing is to minimize what we’re committing to do – asking ourselves, do i REALLY have to do this? what would happen if i didn’t do it?!

new work, new supplies, highlights from ‘22 and hopes & dreams for ‘23

new work, new supplies, highlights from ‘22 and hopes & dreams for ‘23
CANDYcolored studio podcast episode 217:
hear about my latest big piece (48x60) heading to my solo show in may! and we have an official date – may 19th will be the opening. i’d LOVE to have you join me. if you’re not local or will be out of town, keep an eye out for a “show page” that will be appearing on my website with vidoes, photos, descriptions etc. about each piece and the show. in this episode you’ll hear opportunities for collectors & artists with a suggestion about commissions and preparing to visit and participate in shows/events in 2023. as an artist tip: hear about a recent episode on the “artists soar” podcast where they talk about new shiny objects. along that theme, make sure to check out my longtime bestie nancy andruk olson’s handmade high chroma watercolor paint and her new monthly subscription (it’s going to be awesome!). you’ll also hear an x-file redpill on fear. finally, our main topic for this episode is all about looking back at 2022 seeing the personal & business progress that’s been made and some hopes for 2023. as you listen, make your own lists ;). feel free to email me with any ah-ha moments & queries you have on the topic. may this year be extra special for you as you let your heart be your guide. much love!

artist tip on being productive and making space in my heart & mind for those things most important

artist tip on being productive and making space in my heart & mind for those things most important
CANDYcolored studio podcast episode 216:
it’s the last week to see springville museum of art’s annual spiritual & religious show! also, on my website under episode 216 you’ll find links and images for jules mccullough’s fantastic newly released christmas cards – buy some for next year or bookmark her page to jump on it next fall. she has the most charming physical and digital cards! (my favs are her illustrations of flamingo, narwhal & whale — oh they’re just delightful!) for our artist & entrepreneur tip this week, i encourage you to listen to marie forleo’s episode 323 all about productivity and 3 things she DOESN'T do. you’ll love these suggestions and i have a few other episodes you can listen to or look out for with similar themes (in the show notes). the main topic for the week is about making space for those important things when we’re struggling with health or emotional challenges of any kind that truly seek to distract us from those things we really want/should be doing or spending time with those we love most. i share 5 strategies and an interview that have helped me face things personally. i’d love to hear what is helping you (email me and of course would love to hear how you’re doing as you implement any of these or whatever your heart is desperately trying to teach you ;). sending so much love, support & confidence as you face 2023!! xoxo

an art trunk or treat, sonja solbakken’s grand opening, how to avoid being a starving artist with the profit first method and a red pill about our earth

an art trunk or treat, sonja solbakken’s grand opening, how to avoid being a starving artist with the profit first method and a red pill about our earth
do you love the byu moa as i do?! i have so many sweet memories that began in college and later spilled into visits with our kiddos. this next week i’ll be participating in their “Halloween Art CARnival” – an art trunk or treat of sorts – Monday October 24th at 6 pm. Also, a beautiful new home, design, textile, art & apparel shop has opened in Salt Lake with a Scandi vibe full of goodness. is the “starving artist” thing real?! unfortunately, yes. there are lots of ways to avoid it, being more organized, time-conscious, intentional with the events we participate in, making sure our pricing ensures profitability – there’s also a “profit first” method that is helping carl and i with our businesses and i think it’s another sure way to avoiding the unsuccessful mindset and lifestyle. finally, a red pill on our earth – a list of topics you can check out.

visitors in the studio, fall break moments, reaching our potential as artists, the telemundo episode and a financial red pill

visitors in the studio, fall break moments, reaching our potential as artists, the telemundo episode and a financial red pill

CANDYcolored studio podcast episode 212:

hear about the loveliest of studio visitors, upcoming show and events. an opportunity for artists and collectors no matter where you live and an artist tip thanks to jessica of the inspired painter podcast on reaching our artistic potential. also, i’m spilling all in regards to the promised “telemundo episode” that we’ve been muddling through the past few months. finally, some topics for you to research and a video to help on your quest – all related to our financial system and security. much love to all and enjoy that beautiful fall to those of you nearby!