tik tok tips for artists, utah art market online shop, artist press opportunities and the arrival of red heifers in isreal

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CANDYcolored studio podcast episode 210:
there’s a new podcast out there for artists: the successful artist by alyssa weyland! in episode 3 she interviews ryan robinson about her viral videos on tik tok, strategies, suggestions – one of which is for the negative comments & haters on social media platforms. for collectors: the utah art market is now not just selling artwork on ig stories after the show but you can purchase work directly from their website. mark your calendar if you’d like to attend this year’s 100 dollar show at the springville museum — it’s always such a fun event. for artists, we’ll discuss a few open calls for art magazines and their email lists you might want to subscribe to. and finally, who are the 5 texas red heifers that have recently arrived in israel? what is their importance to their community and christians around the world?

studio update, opportunities for artists & collectors, and “i haven't been seeing you on instagram, are you ok?!!”

studio update, opportunities for artists & collectors, and “i haven't been seeing you on instagram, are you ok?!!”
how are you?! have you been busy "putting out fires" like we were last week?!! if so, sending soo much love & strength! my sister called last week and said, "there's something in the air..." and i think she's right LOL! fall for me is always a time to reassess and this fall seems to be one that does not want to be ignored! i'll be sharing a studio update as well as some opportunities near and far for artists & collectors. i'll also be addressing the constant question, "i haven't been seeing you on instagram, are you ok?!!” so many deep things i've been pondering and feel like it leads to deeper questions about our society and culture. so enjoy and know that you're loved!!

high school dance memories new & old, artist travel & inspo, and a project veritas red pill on secret curriculum in our schools

Homecoming prom high school dance memories
what fun to watch our high school senior & junior go with their friends to homecoming! so many fun new memories & lots of thinking of the sweet old ones too. how about you? was your high school dance experience different than the local kids now? travel seems to be in the air, i enjoyed listening to recent episodes with the ladies of the artist soar podcast & the inspired painter podcast talk about their recent experiences at artist retreats, workshops & solo escapes. will you be traveling for art, respite and/or inspo soon? james o'keefe & his team at project veritas have been releasing some important undercover videos about curriculum and hiring practice in american schools. we've been seeing some pretty scary stuff locally as well. 

a midway swiss days thx, artist tip on creatives & procrastination, organizing with littles & decorating with teens, and a red pill about the documentary "selection code"

Midway utah swiss days artist studio tour oil painter katrina berg podcast
thanks so much to all who participated & supported in midway swiss days!!! such a fun event and it was a blast to connect more personally with so many of you! are you an artist and do you find yourself procrastinating in your art practice?! let's chat about it and you can check out episode #50 of the artists soar podcast to dive more into the topic. do you reorganize your home from time to time?! and do you decorate your kids rooms? i'll be sharing some new experiences & thoughts within these topics. our red pill for the week is once again on our vote and the newly released documentary "selection code". it's just 1 hour & 1 min long and well worth the time should you choose to watch. *** i'll be slowly updating my shop from swiss days sales, feel free to email me if there's something you're looking for & can't find yet on my website (, xoxo!

artist instagram accounts stolen, jenna kutcher’s latest tips on email list marketing for artists & entrepreneurs, swiss days studio visit appointments & a red pill on potential dangers of ESG

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CANDYcolored studio podcast EPISODE #206: have you ever had your instagram, email or another online account hacked & held for ransom? A couple of artist friends had just that happen to them recently. it's a great reminder that we don't OWN our instagram accounts or any of our social media accounts. it honestly makes me wonder if i own my emails in my gmail account. one more reason to put some effort and time into our email lists! hear all about jenna kutcher's latest episode #588 on email list marketing, why you need an email list and the potential benefits. make sure to reach out by emailing me to make a studio appointment during "midway swiss days" the friday & saturday of labor day weekend (september 2nd & 3rd). the red pill for the week is a deeper dive into ESG and possible unwanted possibilities that befall companies being directed by its program. in my episode show notes you can listen to recent talks by mel k and glenn beck that talk about ESG etc.