on brooke walker's studio 5 sharing the symbolism of flowers

large scale floral brid oil art spring symbols thick oil paint katrina berg
what are your favorite flowers? why are you drawn to them? hear brooke and i talk about flower symbols for forsythia, king protea, daffodil & spotted orchids.
go see the show at alpine art & frame until friday june 30th!
alpine art & frame
430 east south temple street
salt lake city
gallery hours:
monday - friday 9 am to 5:30 pm
saturday 10 am to 3 pm
instagram: @alpineartframe
to reserve pieces in this collection, reach out to myself (k@katrinaberg)
or gallery curator susan bonosconi (

parent realization: our "greatest mistake" is really our greatest blessing

podcast for parents mothers
CANDYcolored studio podcast episode 225:
sharing today about the most unexpected blessings that came into our life and caused a great pivot and hinge-point for our marriage and set the stage for our family of 7 – and we’re eternally grateful! other things mentioned in this episode are a reminder to apply for the springville salon if you’re local. also, check out the new “pod-sisters” panel episode with my favorite artist ladies of the “artists soar” and the “inspired painter” podcasts – it’s episode # 77 on the “artists soar” podcast – all about the importance and power of saying “no” and all the goodness that comes when we do so. if you’re listening on spotify, enjoy emilie-claire barlow’s latest song, “bird of beauty” – it’s absolutely charming. there’s a couple red pills to consider, some gratitude & manifesting thoughts. (click to listen)

supporting living artists at local seasonal art markets, a joe rogan red pill on forgiveness & 26 things i don’t do to make time to paint

large floral birds thick oil paint utah artist katrina berg palette knife
CANDYcolored studio podcast episode 219:
are you a frequenter of art & etsy style markets? we have some really great ones in northern utah – my favorites are the utah art market and the beehive bazaar. collectors can discover new local artists by enjoying these handmade market venues. a red pill based on a recent joe rogan podcast interview with bret weinstein that asks us if we have a line for forgiveness and if we've come to terms with our choices. and my latest list of things i’m avoiding so that i have time to paint. sometimes the best way to get more time to do the things we really want to be doing is to minimize what we’re committing to do – asking ourselves, do i REALLY have to do this? what would happen if i didn’t do it?!

new work, new supplies, highlights from ‘22 and hopes & dreams for ‘23

new work, new supplies, highlights from ‘22 and hopes & dreams for ‘23
CANDYcolored studio podcast episode 217:
hear about my latest big piece (48x60) heading to my solo show in may! and we have an official date – may 19th will be the opening. i’d LOVE to have you join me. if you’re not local or will be out of town, keep an eye out for a “show page” that will be appearing on my website with vidoes, photos, descriptions etc. about each piece and the show. in this episode you’ll hear opportunities for collectors & artists with a suggestion about commissions and preparing to visit and participate in shows/events in 2023. as an artist tip: hear about a recent episode on the “artists soar” podcast where they talk about new shiny objects. along that theme, make sure to check out my longtime bestie nancy andruk olson’s handmade high chroma watercolor paint and her new monthly subscription (it’s going to be awesome!). you’ll also hear an x-file redpill on fear. finally, our main topic for this episode is all about looking back at 2022 seeing the personal & business progress that’s been made and some hopes for 2023. as you listen, make your own lists ;). feel free to email me with any ah-ha moments & queries you have on the topic. may this year be extra special for you as you let your heart be your guide. much love!

artist tip on being productive and making space in my heart & mind for those things most important

artist tip on being productive and making space in my heart & mind for those things most important
CANDYcolored studio podcast episode 216:
it’s the last week to see springville museum of art’s annual spiritual & religious show! also, on my website under episode 216 you’ll find links and images for jules mccullough’s fantastic newly released christmas cards – buy some for next year or bookmark her page to jump on it next fall. she has the most charming physical and digital cards! (my favs are her illustrations of flamingo, narwhal & whale — oh they’re just delightful!) for our artist & entrepreneur tip this week, i encourage you to listen to marie forleo’s episode 323 all about productivity and 3 things she DOESN'T do. you’ll love these suggestions and i have a few other episodes you can listen to or look out for with similar themes (in the show notes). the main topic for the week is about making space for those important things when we’re struggling with health or emotional challenges of any kind that truly seek to distract us from those things we really want/should be doing or spending time with those we love most. i share 5 strategies and an interview that have helped me face things personally. i’d love to hear what is helping you (email me and of course would love to hear how you’re doing as you implement any of these or whatever your heart is desperately trying to teach you ;). sending so much love, support & confidence as you face 2023!! xoxo

jamie harmon’s guided journal for girls: my divine identity

christian journal for women & girls lds divine identy heavenly parents jamie harmon midway utah author podcast interview
CANDYcolored studio podcast episode 214:
we’ve been counseled repeatedly that it is crucial that we gain our own testimony of jesus christ in order to withstand the difficulties of our day. one small but mighty part of that -- is to better understand who we are – that we are divine children of heavenly parents – with great potential and an eternal destiny. discovering our spiritual gifts and talents will help us not only remember who we are, what we can become, but it will help us be there for others as they too seek to better understand their divine identity. “my divine identity” is a guided journal for girls, and a wonderful tool with 7 principles for women of all ages and places in life - it will help you better support the girls and young women around you. hear all about jamie’s journey & the process of creating this book. she openly shares her heart, offers suggestions for writers, and has some amazing opportunities coming soon for women. enjoy!!

an art trunk or treat, sonja solbakken’s grand opening, how to avoid being a starving artist with the profit first method and a red pill about our earth

an art trunk or treat, sonja solbakken’s grand opening, how to avoid being a starving artist with the profit first method and a red pill about our earth
do you love the byu moa as i do?! i have so many sweet memories that began in college and later spilled into visits with our kiddos. this next week i’ll be participating in their “Halloween Art CARnival” – an art trunk or treat of sorts – Monday October 24th at 6 pm. Also, a beautiful new home, design, textile, art & apparel shop has opened in Salt Lake with a Scandi vibe full of goodness. is the “starving artist” thing real?! unfortunately, yes. there are lots of ways to avoid it, being more organized, time-conscious, intentional with the events we participate in, making sure our pricing ensures profitability – there’s also a “profit first” method that is helping carl and i with our businesses and i think it’s another sure way to avoiding the unsuccessful mindset and lifestyle. finally, a red pill on our earth – a list of topics you can check out.

a commission nightmare, when artists should use various revenue streams, inappropriate material in our schools, big tech & government agencies controlling narrative

a commission nightmare, when artists should use various revenue streams, inappropriate material in our schools, big tech & government agencies controlling narrative
sharing my latest nightmares, lol -- probably the most bizarre yet. as an artist, is the income you're bringing in coming from various sources? how do you know which ones are best for you and where to put your time? do you have kids in public schools and how is your community ensuring that proper material is available to them? did your public schools participate in "banned book week" and how did you feel about it? i've got a ton of questions on this subject -- not a lot of answers, but i thought we could put our heads together on the topic and see what we think. speaking of opinions, did you see the recent senate hearing with big tech, josh hawley of missouri and louisiana's ron johnson? they revealed weekly email communication between government agecies (cdc) and big tech facebook (meta) regarding misinformation and how to controll/censor certain topics, opinions and accounts.

tik tok tips for artists, utah art market online shop, artist press opportunities and the arrival of red heifers in isreal

artists call publish art magazine
CANDYcolored studio podcast episode 210:
there’s a new podcast out there for artists: the successful artist by alyssa weyland! in episode 3 she interviews ryan robinson about her viral videos on tik tok, strategies, suggestions – one of which is for the negative comments & haters on social media platforms. for collectors: the utah art market is now not just selling artwork on ig stories after the show but you can purchase work directly from their website. mark your calendar if you’d like to attend this year’s 100 dollar show at the springville museum — it’s always such a fun event. for artists, we’ll discuss a few open calls for art magazines and their email lists you might want to subscribe to. and finally, who are the 5 texas red heifers that have recently arrived in israel? what is their importance to their community and christians around the world?

studio update, opportunities for artists & collectors, and “i haven't been seeing you on instagram, are you ok?!!”

studio update, opportunities for artists & collectors, and “i haven't been seeing you on instagram, are you ok?!!”
how are you?! have you been busy "putting out fires" like we were last week?!! if so, sending soo much love & strength! my sister called last week and said, "there's something in the air..." and i think she's right LOL! fall for me is always a time to reassess and this fall seems to be one that does not want to be ignored! i'll be sharing a studio update as well as some opportunities near and far for artists & collectors. i'll also be addressing the constant question, "i haven't been seeing you on instagram, are you ok?!!” so many deep things i've been pondering and feel like it leads to deeper questions about our society and culture. so enjoy and know that you're loved!!

high school dance memories new & old, artist travel & inspo, and a project veritas red pill on secret curriculum in our schools

Homecoming prom high school dance memories
what fun to watch our high school senior & junior go with their friends to homecoming! so many fun new memories & lots of thinking of the sweet old ones too. how about you? was your high school dance experience different than the local kids now? travel seems to be in the air, i enjoyed listening to recent episodes with the ladies of the artist soar podcast & the inspired painter podcast talk about their recent experiences at artist retreats, workshops & solo escapes. will you be traveling for art, respite and/or inspo soon? james o'keefe & his team at project veritas have been releasing some important undercover videos about curriculum and hiring practice in american schools. we've been seeing some pretty scary stuff locally as well. 

a midway swiss days thx, artist tip on creatives & procrastination, organizing with littles & decorating with teens, and a red pill about the documentary "selection code"

Midway utah swiss days artist studio tour oil painter katrina berg podcast
thanks so much to all who participated & supported in midway swiss days!!! such a fun event and it was a blast to connect more personally with so many of you! are you an artist and do you find yourself procrastinating in your art practice?! let's chat about it and you can check out episode #50 of the artists soar podcast to dive more into the topic. do you reorganize your home from time to time?! and do you decorate your kids rooms? i'll be sharing some new experiences & thoughts within these topics. our red pill for the week is once again on our vote and the newly released documentary "selection code". it's just 1 hour & 1 min long and well worth the time should you choose to watch. *** i'll be slowly updating my shop from swiss days sales, feel free to email me if there's something you're looking for & can't find yet on my website (, xoxo!