staying in our own lane as artists & entrepreneurs, the largest & final piece in my solo show and a solo show update

staying in our own lane as artists & entrepreneurs, the largest & final piece in my solo show and a solo show update
CANDYcolored studio podcast episode 230
it’s been a hot minute friend! as my solo show debut got closer i ran out of energy to do the podcast lol. but i’m so happy to be back. in this episode you’ll hear about the 48x96” “blue skies” painting that includes flowers and birds that symbolize joy and celebration. also, a white rabbit coming out of a cage, doves drinking from a bird bath, a cake, peacock and so much more. soo many thanks to susan and her team at alpine art who’ve done such a beautiful job with the show. in my podcast show notes on you’ll be able to watch my recent segments on ksl’s studio 5 with brooke walker, an art review article by avery greig on 15 bytes and you can flip through my online catalog of the show. thanks to jessica libor of "the inspired painter podcast" we can consider what "staying in our lane" as artists and entrepreneurs looks like. and a red pill about misinformation or covid myths.
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artist alex reed's east idaho art market

artist alex reed's east idaho art market
CANDYcolored STUDIO PODCAST episode 229:
are you an art collector? do you have an artist heart? have you or anyone you know given up a creative passion to pursue a more "practical" college degree or degrees?!! you will love hearing about alex's journey as a creative, and her brave steps to follow her artist heart despite her education, expertise, and the loud voices many of us hear. a mother of two toddlers, alex is constantly seeking how to be the mother she wants to be while filling her artist heart. when traveling large distances to reach all the shows and markets she knew would bring her artwork to those seeking her symbolic folk art style began to compete with her priority as a mother of young children, she created a market of her own. the east idaho art market began last may and was a wild success. a small community where artists and residents are just beginning to receive support from city employees & officials, alex and her co-founder shelby thayne couldn't be more pleased. this year, attend the east idaho art market august 26th from 10 to 5 and lookout for their holiday market later in the year. if you're in utah, you can also get to know alex and her artwork the end of this month (june) till july 4th at "art around the park" that runs simultaneously to the beloved "wasatch plein air paradise" event that has been part of midway city's 4th of july for many years. she'll also be at the "sidewalk art festival" in idaho falls july 22nd and 23rd. let's be part of the exciting "shift" alex talks about in her interview. make sure to follow her email lists on her website: and on 

candy colored studio podcast episode #162 - being a prepper in life and business

prepping for business and life katrina berg candy colored studio
do you consider yourself a prepper? i don’t consider myself a “serious” prepper, but i have facets of my personal life as well as in my business where i prefer to feel prepared. it’s always a work in progress, i’m always learning new things. i’ve had some disasters-of-a-sort in both areas of my life and it’s taught me so much. and how about you? when the pandemic hit, in what areas of your life did you feel prepared and what did you find needed improvement? and now, 18 months later -- are you still learning and prepping like me?!

candy colored studio podcast episode #157: marissa huber & heather kirtland of carve out time for art - community, book & new podcast!

marissa huber heather kirtland carve out time for art podcast book community

the motherhood of art book by marissa huber & heather kirtland of carve out time for art

several years ago, marissa & heather combined forces to support mother artists & create a much-needed community on instagram. artists themselves, they were learning how to set aside tradition or opinions of others, and go after their own creative pursuits while being working mothers. soo many conversations and uplifting love shared between creative caregivers, artist takeovers, interviews, and hashtag challenges. (they even created a global directory on their website: last year, their book, the motherhood of art hit bookshelves, continuing the support and conversation. most recently, they have started a patreon podcast called the creative instigators! enjoy this extra sweet conversation full of all the raw realness of mother artists, art journeys, boundaries, knowing yourself, an important litmus question, prioritizing, furthering your art through education, goals, passions, going for it...thunderstorms...and so much more. enjoy, enjoy! (make sure to enter the giveaway)

episode #154 - julianne donaldson: author of edenbrooke, blackmoore & newly released: “come, sweet day”

julianne donaldson regency retreats

have you read blackmoore or edenbrooke?! whether you have, or will want to very soon, this episode is sure to bring back wanderlust as award-winning author julianne donaldson takes you through her process writing the novels & traveling for her research. she has a brand new book, “come, sweet day”, out that is so different from her romance novels and ever so timely -- julianne used her gift over the last few years in new ways to help she and her kids get through some incredibly hard times together. the result from this labor is a beyond-beautiful collection of short stories and poems that effortlessly flow together, gently offering hope and comfort at a time when many of us need just that. sections include: my wilderness, grace, light, home, & mercy. julianne reads a couple pieces during our interview...oh they are wonderful! one that i absolutely love is on pages 80 & 81: all about the journey to our own promised land. on pages 42 & 43 is another i adore about winter, birds, and’s lovely. keep an eye out for julianne’s 6 week creative writing course coming in the fall, as well as her regency retreat in september that will be a weekend to never forget as you step back in time and join the pages of julianne’s romance’s going to be unforgettable!

candy colored studio podcast episode #152 - how do they do it with just one thing, and how do i get there?!

heavenly mother lds art katrina berg midway utah

heavenly mother painting lds katrina berg midway utah candy colored studio

how often do we look at others and think that they only have to put their time and energy into one thing to be successful? what is really happening behind the scenes and how do you get there? just some simple ideas to consider in your very personal art journey or creative business career. you've got this!

candy colored studio podcast episode #151 - time usage & how to keeping going when feeling discouraged

candy colored studio podcast episode #151 - time usage & how to keeping going when feeling discouraged

do you ever stress about your time usage and just plain feeling overwhelmed? maybe you’ve even considered giving up on your passion because life is just so heavy?! but then you realize that you won’t find happiness if you quit. you know deep inside that you have a superpower --- something that you can give to others...a very simple or specific way to bring light or beauty or love, support and kindness. well we need you! Here are some ideas that have helped me and i hope that your heart will tell you even more ideas as you listen.

my mother’s day collection at la petite maison antiques in draper utah is available! 8 pieces, some hummingbirds and fairy wren to represent mothering our small flocks, also some florals that will never wilt and local mapstacts to mark special spots. named after favorite french songs and singers...a couple from enzo enzo’s album about a mother’s songs. (“chansons d’une maman”)


candy colored studio podcast episode #146 - SWEETlady: chalene parkin

candy colored studio podcast episode #146 - SWEETlady: chalene parkin

the first words that come to mind when i’m describing chalene are: joy, optimism, & laughter. chalene is turning 40 next week and we have so many reasons to celebrate this amazing creative and friend. a boy mom full of spunk and fun...she her husband and their 4 boys are always working on an amazing project together. diy projects around the house, entrepreneur ventures, and helping their family & friends. happiest birthday my dear sweet friend. thanks for being you! 

***chalene’s hair salon is in salem utah, email me if you’d like her contact info ;) (

candy colored studio podcast episode #142 - it's never too late to prepare or think outside the box

candy colored studio podcast episode #142 - it's never too late to prepare or think outside the box
with everything still seeming to be upside down, it can feel like starting or growing a business right now is the worst idea. there are definitely potential roadblocks, but i would say that no matter how uncertain or bleak things look, it’s never too late to prepare or think outside the box. in this episode you’ll find 10 ways for entrepreneurs to prepare for changes in life, the economy etc. also, things to consider when you really do feel like you’re too late. i’ll share things that have helped my art biz as well as my husband carl’s landscape architecture firm. you’ve got this!

candy colored studio podcast episode #137 - amanda herring of la petite maison antiques

candy colored studio podcast episode #137 - amanda herring of la petite maison antiques
a huge highlight of 2020 for me, was getting to know and work with the dynamic duo of amanda & scott herring of la petite maison antiques in draper, utah . soo much laughter, joy, and all things french {bien sûr}! there are so many moments where a message from amanda simply made my day. amanda and i sat down and chatted about her incredible journey in design, antiquing, entrepreneurship, working with a team & your family, supporting small businesses, collaborating and of course --- all things french. there are so many nuggets of wisdom hidden throughout and at the end we do a lightning round Q&A all en francais (sorry it cuts out a bit at the end...still learning lol)! enjoy, enjoy! click the spotify playlist below to listen to the songs that inspired the titles of all my paintings at la petite maison!

candy colored studio podcast episode #35 - carl berg: when to hire an employee & how to solve pain points in your biz by learning from other professions

berg landscape architects owned by carl berg in midway utah


How do you know when to start your own business? Or hire an employee? How can other businesses not in your profession help you fix pain points in your own business?

Meet my hubby and bestie, Carl Berg, owner of Berg Landscape Architects in Midway, Utah, who has helped me so much in my business as he owns his own and we love to talk all things shop, strategy and encourage one another. Hear about how solving his business pain points helped me to create a menu of sorts for my business.

Connect with Carl and Darci at Berg Landscape Architects:




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