the 100 dollar show at the springville museum of art 2019!

100 dollar show springvill museum of art 2019 katrina berg
so who’s coming to the 100 dolla holla?!
thursday december 5th
6:30 - 8 pm
this is my 5th time doing the 100 dollar show! it gets more exciting every year as new artists participate, some return, it's always an amazing group! this year there will be 30+ incredible local artists in the loveliest of places surrounded by the most stunning art, and run by the coolest of museum cool cats. 
i'll be bringing mini gold framed circles that look so much like my big ones. they each come with a mini easel! 
and now a lil’ FAQ for you lovely friends you:

candy colored studio podcast episode #45 - lisa draper: an artist journey made easier with systems: how to clear your mind, giving you the space needed to create

lisa draper contemporary mixed media resin artist and mother in utah

It's hard to know where to start with this episode lol. Lisa was so willing to share so much of her artist journe and what it's been like for her to dive headfirst into the world of a professional artist. She shares everything from:

  • her beginnings as an artist
  • traveling around the world in search of her path as an artist
  • having small children and allowing others to come in and help
  • organizing her time and talents to be most efficient
  • support from her spouse and family
  • feeling trapped as a young mom
  • love of horses and sacrificing hers (Apollo) to follow another dream
  • sacrificing for a greater reward
  • the "nectar" of productivity
  • an organization mindset and its importance
  • realizing your personal mission in life
  • clearing your mind so that you have space and time to create
  • blocking in time and making routines
  • identifying the pain points in your biz
  • discovering what you can outsource

...and so much more!

Connect with Lisa on her website or on instagram!


candy colored episode #44: podcast anniversary! - things i've learned, favorite episodes, & what to expect in season 2

candy colored studio podcast of artist katrina berg, podcast anniversary
it's the first anniversary of the candy colored studio! i'm thrilled to say that this experiement has been a worthwhile & joy-filled journey that i'm looking forward to continue each week with you! this episode i'll share things i've learned from podcasting this year, some of my favorite episodes, and things you can expect in the coming year. check the show notes for the links to the mentioned episodes.

utah art market's 135 show! november 9th from 5 to 8 pm

mini paintings by katrina berg for the 135 art show in salt lake utah art market
the 135 fine art show is one of my favorite shows of the year! work from 29 artists with the magority of the work in the $100, $300, and $500 price points. it's a wonderful place to buy affordable original art. nanette amis is the saavy goodness behind the 135 and the local utah art market. 

candy colored studio podcast episode 43 - nancy andruk olson: how to be a nurse, mother, artist, & the importance of supporting women artists

nurse and mother artist nancy andruk olson, utah painter

meet my longtime friend and college roommate, nancy andruk olson. her art career started as a child...and after graduating in painting from Brigham Young University and receving a post-baccalaureate certificate from the school of the museum of fine arts, boston she decided to return again to school to study nursing. 10 years of working in home hospice and raising four children, she dove back into her painting life. 

in this episode you'll hear about her three passions as well as her latest research project and cause to support women artists through representation in galleries and museums.

candy colored studio podcast episode #41 - laura erekson: making art is a family affair, collaborating with artists & curating the certain women art show

candy colored studio podcast episode #41 - laura erekson: making art is a family affair, collaborating with artists & curating the certain women art show
Being a mother of 3 small children including a brand new baby...Laura Erekson has found inspiration, and new life to her work. Learn how she includes her family in everything she it becomes their the work is elevated because she let's go and allows it to become as she allows her children to create. 
Hear about her latest projects, series, and pieces in the Certain Women Art Show that she co-curated this year. The collaboration piece is such a treasure and her invividual piece in gold...the first gold one she's done. Oh it's wonderful. 
Oh Laura you are wonderful and we are definitely adding video and or music next are just too much fun!

candy colored studio podcast episode #40 - mary brickey: committing to failure, reaching balance by being out of balance, and curating the certain women art show

candy colored studio podcast episode #40 - mary brickey: committing to failure, reaching balance by being out of balance, and curating the certain women art show
Meet Mary Brickey: mother artist of 6 creative humans. Mary is one of 3 curators in this year's Certain Women Art Show at Anthony's Fine Art in Salt Lake, sponsored by the Zions Art Society. 
In the episode she shares about her artist journey, making art with her brother Joseph Brickey...including murals for the Rome Temple...creating her first stained-glass piece for the show and the meaning behind this exquisite piece.  I love Mary's heart. She shares her thoughts and beliefs so easily, this is a treasure of an episode. Enjoy!

candy colored studio podcast episode #39 - nicole woodbury: connecting math, science, music & nature with art, and curating the certain women art show

candy colored studio podcast episode #39 - nicole woodbury: connecting math, science, music & nature with art, and curating the certain women art show
It's amazing what can happen all because of a semester abroad! For Nicole Woodbury, she discovered her love of sculpture, and found some lifelong friends in the process. Together they curated the first "Certain Women" art show last year. A second year, a second group of artist curators joined Nicole...another beautiful & thoughtful show. Listen and learn more about Nicole -- her artist journey...the contribution math, science, nature & music all have on her work...the things she gives up to pursue her passion (spoiler: naps may have been mentioned). She gives advice to anyone wanting to curate a show, describes her exqusite piece, its meaning, and shares some of her favorite pieces within this year's exhibit. 

candy colored studio podcast episode #38 - scotland painting trip and Fall 2019 studio update

katrina berg candy color artist painting trip 2019 to scotland

From unexpected fantastic weather to lots of beautiful artwork, days enjoying the people, culture, food, history, and it’s gorgeous recent painting trip to Scotland was filled with treasured memories as well as so much learned. So many new connections and things to inspire new work.

Preorder framed print of “welcome children to the garden” for the next week

Tiny Art Show's first Anniversay

tiny art show katrina berg candy color studio midway utah mother artist
Have you heard of the Tiny Art Show?!! Goodness it is all things wonderful packed into the smallest of packages. McKay Binker started this local art revolution, and it has brought me so much joy seeing all that friends and local artists have created! 
This Friday is the Anniversary Party & Fundraiser for the Tiny Art Show! 
And You’re invited! 
Friday October 11th 6 to 8:30 pm
at Blickenstaffs
4801 N University Ave #470, Provo
In addition to viewing the show, each guest will receive tiny party favors, get to decorate a mini cupcake by Cake Creation Studio, make itty bitty crafts, and more!
$3 per adult, $1 per child.
Artists: James Rees | Annie K. Blake | Leslie Duke | Katrina Berg | Tyler Swain | Megan Trueblood | Miriam Tribe | Laura Hendricks | Havoc Hendricks | Abigale Palmer | Colby Sanford | Caitlin Connolly | Brooke Smart | Betsy Croft | Stephanie Kelly Clark | Justin Wheatley

Certain Women Art Show at Anthony's Fine Art and Antiques - Opening Thursday Oct 3rd!

katrina berg certain women art show 2019 thick candy colored oil paint, large circle painting
Last year a small group of women artists within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints were invited to participate in an art show. It was lovely and just the beginning of what its organizers envisioned.
This Fall, more than twice the number of women artists are participating (90 to be exact)...and the ladies shared in a recent podcast interview with the Zion Art Society that again, this is just the beginning. It's exciting to be a small part of the process, and I look forward to seeing the Certain Women Art Show continue to grow and included more and more artists from all over the world, creating in all mediums, styles and purposes. 
This year, the artists were asked to create original pieces of artwork within a theme of a personal statement of purpose. 
Here is the meaning behind my painting, "the waiting place" 48x48" circle oil on wood:
I tend to be a doer of sorts. Always getting things done, trying things out -- experimenting, and being ok with trips along the way. In between those trips, turns and learning experiences, I find it necessary to take time in my “waiting place.” There, I take a break from the action...and listen to my heart as my Heavenly Parents quietly whisper through the Holy Ghost words of comfort, direction, peace, and wisdom. It is there: my waiting place, where I learned that my purpose is to strengthen and support women.
Sometimes I think it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all of the expectations we place upon ourselves as women -- as “Certain Women.” Perhaps it’s a cultural pressure we feel, but it’s rarely divine. Our Heavenly Parents desire us to shine in our own learn in our own way...and most vitally, to “become” in our own way.
Throughout the painting, you’ll find items that signify the exterior strains you or the women in your life may be feeling. Remember that you’re loved...and meant to bloom & blossom in your own way in order to realize your great potential. You are loved, you are needed, and you are exquisitely divine!
Come join us at the opening this Thursday evening,
October 3rd 2019, 6 pm
Anthony's Fine Art and Antiques 
401 E 200 South, SLC
This year there is an opportunity to donate to continue this show as well as to fund a "people's choice" award. There will be a box at the show where you can vote on your top 3 artists (no small feat! So many beautiful pieces!).

candy colored studio podcast episode #34 - 9/11 reflections from a small wasatch mountain village in the rockies: how to become our best selves

splendor in the grass original oil painting by candy colored studio artist katrina berg, named after the song by pink martini



reflections on 9-11 and my desire to teach my children to love our neighbors, enjoy and celebrate diversity, to love all and ultimately, making room for everyone. even in the small rural town of midway, utah, we have our challenges...seeing eachother with open eyes and hearts. can we learn from our mistakes and make our hometowns -- wherever they may be...a better place for all? can we use these experiences to become our best selves? sending love to all!

the painting is called "splendor in the grass" named after the song sung by pink martini (who are my favorite singers sharing world culture and diversity through song). the painting is 30x36" oil on wood and a view from down our street...up top of memorial hill (where you can see a bird's eye view of our sweet valley). the circles in the fields are a tradition but won't be there much longer, i'll be painting to record this place and memory of the shapes in the fields.

music at the end by the band war: "why can't we be friends?!"