Progress Project Podcast

Progress Project Podcast
Listen to katrina's latest interview on support in pursuing your purpose on the Progress Project Podcast. 

1.3.5. Fine Art Show at the Utah Art Market

1.3.5. Fine Art Show at the Utah Art Market
Utah Art Market's 1.3.5 Fine Art Show is this Saturday, November 10th, from 5 to 8 pm at the Sugarhouse Park Garden Center in Salt Lake (1602 E 2100 S).

35 local artists with artwork in the 100, 300, and 500 dollar range, as well as some larger treasures.

#paintingbeynac france trip 2018

#paintingbeynac france trip 2018
Katrina & some friends spent a week in the French Countryside painting. Hear about the trip, as well as local and online sales where the french paintings will debut.

no more frumpy temple bags, pretty bags for all!

temple bag, katrina berg
Prettiest temple bags for the prettiest place on earth. No more frumpy temple bags. Choose a statement bag with Katrina's original oil paintings printed atop.

swiss days 2018

katrina berg art
  We took a little jaunt last night to enjoy the Fall leaves & brought some home with us...the twins were so happy! Now that we've rested from ...

guest on positively creative podcast

guest on positively creative podcast
Recently I had the complete pleasure of doing a podcast interview with Dorothy Collier of Positively Creative Podcast. Process, background, kids, ...

terzian galleries show opens the 20th!

katrina berg art , mormon artist
       Here's a peek at the 7 pieces I dropped off at Terzian Galleries yesterday! Three will be featured at the "Our Favorite Things" show opening...

lovebirds to be auctioned at fundraiser for Fight the New Drug

bird art
"Lovebirds" 11x14, an original oil by Katrina Berg to be auctioned at a fundraiser for Fight the New Drug Wednesday June 20th at the Scera theater in Orem.

visiting artist at sundance mountain resort

Utah artist, utah fine artists
Katrina Berg will be the visiting artist at Sundance Mountain Resort, painting live on the 2nd

painting playlist

protea painting violet
favorite songs inspiring titles of paintings and a playlist of all these songs!

art and soup 2018!

art and soup salt lake 2017 katrina berg
Details on attending Salt Lake's Art & Soup this year!

latest floral oil paintings

oil painting
3 new circle floral oil paintings by katrina berg