sharing 6 floral artists on brooke walker's studio 5

6 local lady floral artists brooke walker studio 5 katrina berg

it's always a treat to be with brooke and her amazing studio 5 team! here's a link to the segment on ksl's website

artist friends i shared about:

barbara young
ig: @barbaranyoung
sadie muhlenstein
ig: @wildjoypotteryandart
denise gasser
ig: @denisegasserart
sarah ebert
ig: @sarahebert_art
nancy andruk olson
ig: @nancyandrukolsonartist
ig for paint: @brighterdaypigments

go see my solo show "signs & symbols of spring" at alpine art & frame until friday june 30th!

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supporting living artists at local seasonal art markets, a joe rogan red pill on forgiveness & 26 things i don’t do to make time to paint

large floral birds thick oil paint utah artist katrina berg palette knife
CANDYcolored studio podcast episode 219:
are you a frequenter of art & etsy style markets? we have some really great ones in northern utah – my favorites are the utah art market and the beehive bazaar. collectors can discover new local artists by enjoying these handmade market venues. a red pill based on a recent joe rogan podcast interview with bret weinstein that asks us if we have a line for forgiveness and if we've come to terms with our choices. and my latest list of things i’m avoiding so that i have time to paint. sometimes the best way to get more time to do the things we really want to be doing is to minimize what we’re committing to do – asking ourselves, do i REALLY have to do this? what would happen if i didn’t do it?!

utah art market's 135 show! november 9th from 5 to 8 pm

mini paintings by katrina berg for the 135 art show in salt lake utah art market
the 135 fine art show is one of my favorite shows of the year! work from 29 artists with the magority of the work in the $100, $300, and $500 price points. it's a wonderful place to buy affordable original art. nanette amis is the saavy goodness behind the 135 and the local utah art market. 

candy colored studio podcast episode #18: nanette amis - 25 years cultivating relationships as the owner of the utah art market

candy colored studio podcast episode #18: nanette amis - 25 years cultivating relationships as the owner of the utah art market

meet nanette, owner of the utah art market in the sugarhouse garden center in salt Lake. listen as she shares how she's run a seasonal market for 25 years! the ups, downs, reasons to persevere, changes in technology & marketing. also, what she wish she’d have known, advice for artists and so much more. i just know you will love her. visit the spring market april 19th and 20th.

1.3.5. Fine Art Show at the Utah Art Market

1.3.5. Fine Art Show at the Utah Art Market
Utah Art Market's 1.3.5 Fine Art Show is this Saturday, November 10th, from 5 to 8 pm at the Sugarhouse Park Garden Center in Salt Lake (1602 E 2100 S).

35 local artists with artwork in the 100, 300, and 500 dollar range, as well as some larger treasures.

#paintingbeynac france trip 2018

#paintingbeynac france trip 2018
Katrina & some friends spent a week in the French Countryside painting. Hear about the trip, as well as local and online sales where the french paintings will debut.