candy colored podcast episode #159 - universal laws of giving & respecting choice (part vi)

sacred grove oil painting lds art katrina berg artist midway utah

angel art oil painting katrina berg midway utah

part six of this series on choice! maybe, like me, you’re looking around lately and seeing that as well-intended as most of it is -- there seems to be choices being made “for our good” at school, in our activities, at work, in our neighborhoods, communities, in our families, and even at church. while i’m truly grateful that so many have our best in mind, i do believe that there is a very fine line between supporting, inviting, encouraging, & guiding...AND the other side, which can be choosing, dictating, controlling, demanding and manipulating. let’s consider some of the places and ways that these are happening and find the best way to navigate it all for us individually and within our families.

candy colored studio podcast ep. 158 - the happiest broken record of marketing

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do you ever worry about sharing too much or too often? what about with a big event? have you ever been so sad you missed something because you got behind on your email or social media? it's the worst feeling to realize you didn't hear about something you'd really liked to have attended until after the event. here are some ways to embrace the happy broken record and serve others in the process.

candy colored studio podcast episode #153 - infertility tools used by satan

candy colored studio podcast episode #153 - infertility tools used by satan

katrina berg floral art painting

I believe that the 2 Plans that were presented in the Great Council of Heaven, are still in effect (God’s Plan and Lucifer’s Plan). I believe that a large portion of Satan’s Plan is to stop our brothers and sisters from having an earthly experience. I believe he uses infertility to achieve his plan. Like many, I have suffered much because of infertility. So has my family. While I do believe it has and continues to help me become my best self, I do not believe that God caused my infertility. I believe God allowed environmental factors (some of my own choosing and others not of my choosing) to cause my infertility. I also believe that these environmental factors were not of God but of Satan. I believe that their design and methods of delivery also did not come from God, but that they were introduced to men and women by Satan. 

candy colored podcast episode #143 - universal laws of giving & respecting choice (part i)

candy colored podcast episode #143 - universal laws of giving & respecting choice (part i)

"jardin d'hiver" and "hold heart" 12x12" oil on wood (1" gold sides)

*** "hold heart" will be showing at jrk gallery in provo, utah march 5th to the 26th as part of their "all shapes & sizes" show. contact savannah to purchase or click to sign up & attend the show opening. this painting is named after the song by emiliana torrini.

this is the first part of a series on giving, taking, agency...also, the similarities and differences between socialism & the united order based on a talk by marion g. romney. questions to consider: do we know of any societies free of greed & selfishness? also, those with prevailing peace, plenty/abundance & freedom to all of its citizens? are any left unwanting? does this society promote industry, thrift, innovation & self respect?


candy colored studio podcast episode #141 - sisters it's our turn!

candy colored studio podcast episode #141 - sisters it's our turn!
this past year we’ve faced so many things collectively. we’ve had to reevaluate our goals in life...we’ve even had to make changes. i’ve been humbled by those around me, listening to their hearts and responding to callings & passions. some of these are personal calls to attend to their make themselves a priority for the first time in a long while. others are inviting us to do small and simple things to make our communities a better place. still others are bravely asking the hard questions. whatever the call, may you find the courage to hear your heart and act, for truly, ladies and sisters, it is our turn!

swiss days 2018

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  We took a little jaunt last night to enjoy the Fall leaves & brought some home with us...the twins were so happy! Now that we've rested from ...

swiss days labor day weekend!

katrina berg art, designs by katrina berg

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