candy colored episode #44: podcast anniversary! - things i've learned, favorite episodes, & what to expect in season 2

candy colored studio podcast of artist katrina berg, podcast anniversary
it's the first anniversary of the candy colored studio! i'm thrilled to say that this experiement has been a worthwhile & joy-filled journey that i'm looking forward to continue each week with you! this episode i'll share things i've learned from podcasting this year, some of my favorite episodes, and things you can expect in the coming year. check the show notes for the links to the mentioned episodes.

candy colored studio podcast episode 43 - nancy andruk olson: how to be a nurse, mother, artist, & the importance of supporting women artists

nurse and mother artist nancy andruk olson, utah painter

meet my longtime friend and college roommate, nancy andruk olson. her art career started as a child...and after graduating in painting from Brigham Young University and receving a post-baccalaureate certificate from the school of the museum of fine arts, boston she decided to return again to school to study nursing. 10 years of working in home hospice and raising four children, she dove back into her painting life. 

in this episode you'll hear about her three passions as well as her latest research project and cause to support women artists through representation in galleries and museums.

candy colored studio podcast episode #37 - crystal despain: learning in all the places and being supported by all the loved ones

candy colored studio podcast episode #37 - crystal despain: learning in all the places and being supported by all the loved ones


Do you love learning? Colorado-based artist Crystal Despain sure does, in fact she's all about continued education, getting uncomfortable to reach new heights in her profession, practice and technique. Hear what she's learned, what she recommends to all creative people and hear about her biggest supporters. It's a beautiful peek into a beautiful artist. Enjoy!

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candy colored studio podcast episode #36 - where to apply to art shows: 5 ways to apply

swiss days art market katrina berg utah mother artist of the candy colored studio

Where or how do I apply to art shows?!  How do you know where to start? Should you start online or locally? But who do you ask and how do you get on their list? Here are 5 places you can apply locally, online etc.

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candy colored studio podcast episode #35 - carl berg: when to hire an employee & how to solve pain points in your biz by learning from other professions

berg landscape architects owned by carl berg in midway utah


How do you know when to start your own business? Or hire an employee? How can other businesses not in your profession help you fix pain points in your own business?

Meet my hubby and bestie, Carl Berg, owner of Berg Landscape Architects in Midway, Utah, who has helped me so much in my business as he owns his own and we love to talk all things shop, strategy and encourage one another. Hear about how solving his business pain points helped me to create a menu of sorts for my business.

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candy colored studio podcast episode #34 - 9/11 reflections from a small wasatch mountain village in the rockies: how to become our best selves

splendor in the grass original oil painting by candy colored studio artist katrina berg, named after the song by pink martini



reflections on 9-11 and my desire to teach my children to love our neighbors, enjoy and celebrate diversity, to love all and ultimately, making room for everyone. even in the small rural town of midway, utah, we have our challenges...seeing eachother with open eyes and hearts. can we learn from our mistakes and make our hometowns -- wherever they may be...a better place for all? can we use these experiences to become our best selves? sending love to all!

the painting is called "splendor in the grass" named after the song sung by pink martini (who are my favorite singers sharing world culture and diversity through song). the painting is 30x36" oil on wood and a view from down our street...up top of memorial hill (where you can see a bird's eye view of our sweet valley). the circles in the fields are a tradition but won't be there much longer, i'll be painting to record this place and memory of the shapes in the fields.

music at the end by the band war: "why can't we be friends?!"

candy colored studio podcast episode #33: being an artist mama of twins - 10 things that surprised us

artist mama of twins katrina berg

What's it really like having Twins? I'll be sharing 10 of the things that surprised us most about having twins...what it's really like trying to sleep with 2 babies, the crazy things we did to survive those first few years, the ups and the downs and the sweetness that only having more than one baby can bring. 

I know, I know, you’ve always dreamed of having twins...or know someone else who has. My aunt has boy girl twins and 2 of my cousins both have twin girls. Still with that genetic factor in the mix, I had no idea we were the next ones down the pike. I knew it wasn’t a picnic but there have still been some things that have surprised us. From the complete lack of sleep, going out in public, quarantining our family that first Summer, jumping into Homeschooling, nursing 2 babies, potty training, swim lessons, riding bikes, kindergarten, #twinversations, & the unique relationships that come with being a twin.

candy colored studio podcast episode #31: a support system for artists: who & why you need it most

candy colored studio podcast episode #31: a support system for artists: who & why you need it most

why do artists need a support system?! my husband feels that artists, especially women artists need a support system more than most (if all) professions. Who are your greatest supporters? Why do you need them? How can you be a better supporter to your friends? come join us in the candy colored club (a artist biz membership) where you'll find ways to improve your art biz each month and a community of amazing lady artists to help you along your journey.


episode #4: what i give up to paint

episode #6: my studio assistants

business of art

candy colored studio podcast episode #30: 5 tips for artists & creatives at shows and markets

candy colored studio podcast episode #30: 5 tips for artists & creatives at shows and markets

5 easy tips for artists and creatives to up their game at shows and markets. Frequently asked questions...those i have prepared for myself, and those I hear often...also things I share with my favorite creative friends getting ready.

  1. sizes and prices? - bring a variety
  2. business card - make sure there is an image of your work
  3. take home - send something home with your info on every painting or product
  4. signage - clearly and creatively display signs with website/instagram info
  5. email list - make it easy for collectors to give you their emails 

Listen below or watch the video above.  Our art biz membership: the candy colored club, enrollment closes soon, sign up here. Enjoy and send your artist questions to

commissioning an original oil painting: how and what to ask

ksl studio 5 brooke walker and utah artist katrina berg

How to commission an original piece of artwork? It's no longer as hard as you think! What fun it was to share commission stories, ideas and suggestions for your first (or next) commission experience on Studio 5 in Salt Lake City! Thank you Brooke Walker and Stephanie Bryson for helping me "pull back the curtain" on obtaining a custom original painting! (Listen to episode 28 of my candy colored studio podcast to hear what my daughter thought about her backstage experience)

So what is a commission?! Anything specifically created with you in mind? Do all artists do commissions? No, but feel free to ask your favorite artists if they are interested and learn about their process. 

Do I like doing commissions?! YES! Sometimes they get complicated of course, but it's always a valuable learning experience for me to figure out how to serve you better and make your visions become a reality! Some of my favorite painting series (bees, birds, etc.) have come from doing commmissions! 

Email me at or visit my commission page to start one of your own!

11th international art competition: "meditations on belief" at the church history museum (temple square)

11th international art competition: "meditations on belief" at the church history museum (temple square)


Every 3 years, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints invites artists to submit artwork for a competition. It's a beautiful show and it was a treat to go with my parents, brother, and our lil' family to visit the exhibit and see my painting that was juried into the show. "Welcome Children to the Garden" is 30x30" oil on wood, and has a beautiful custom frame created by craftsman and artist Dave Brown (Springville & Orem...let me know if you'd like his number). The exhibit is open and free to the public until October 7th.

After his father Lehi’s vision of the Tree of Life, Nephi felt a great desire to better understand the symbolism for himself. The angel showed Nephi the Virgin Mother Mary, “the mother of the Son of God”, and his understanding of the Tree of Life and it’s representation became clear. Throughout time, his musings & yearnings have inspired many to search and receive personal revelation.

As I ponder the culmination of the Garden of Eden...before Adam and Eve were placed there to learn, grow, and tend to it’s creations...I wonder what may have occurred in that sacred space. Before each of our sacred temples are dedicated, Open Houses welcome all to visit within. There they receive a glimpse into our Heavenly Parents’ plan for us, our potential, and the great love they have for each of their children. Cultural Celebrations are organized over months of planning, testimonies are planted & cultivated, and a night of festivities & worship culminates the event.  

Similarly, I imagine the possibility of the animals joining our Parents in welcoming each of their children to the Garden. I can see our Mother with Her arms outstretched like the many golden branches of the tree. There, might we have partaken and witnessed the great love of God: our parents & our Savior Jesus Christ, as we celebrated, sang hosannas, made covenants, and wished our earthly parents, Adam and Eve, all of our confidence, gratitude, and love. What a joyous and epic beginning to this great early journey we may have enjoyed.

candy colored studio podcast episode #28: pulling back the curtain - the dancer's experience backstage at studio 5

candy colored studio podcast episode #28: pulling back the curtain - the dancer's experience backstage at studio 5

what's it like to be on a tv segment? what does it look like behind the scenes? katrina's daughter discusses her experience as a first time visitor to Studio 5 in downtown slc and how it empowered her to pursue her dreams as a future creative entrepreneur.

i had the best time taking the dancer to studio 5 and seeing the experience through her eyes. when's the last time you've had a "pulling the curtain back" moment? what's something you've seen through fresh eyes?