15 bytes review of katrina berg's solo show "signs & symbols of spring"

15 bytes review of katrina berg's solo show "signs & symbols of spring"
alpine art katrina berg large floral bird oil thick paint solo show

special thanks to avery grieg and 15 bytes for their review of my solo show. i'll leave a peek below, click here to read the entire article on 15 bytes.

Other works in the exhibition, including “Angels’ Lullaby” and “I Want to Break Free,” deal with heavier topics such as healing and processing past events or letting go of old beliefs. Although these themes can be significantly heavy topics, Berg does not use them as an opportunity to dump dark colors and painful subjects onto her canvases. Just as in “I’ve Got Plenty to Be Thankful For,” Berg subverts these deeper messages with her light, feminine and deeply symbolic creations. If there is one thing the exhibition solidifies, it is that broad and heavy issues do not become diluted when expressed in feminine colors and themes.

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artist alex reed's east idaho art market

artist alex reed's east idaho art market
CANDYcolored STUDIO PODCAST episode 229:
are you an art collector? do you have an artist heart? have you or anyone you know given up a creative passion to pursue a more "practical" college degree or degrees?!! you will love hearing about alex's journey as a creative, and her brave steps to follow her artist heart despite her education, expertise, and the loud voices many of us hear. a mother of two toddlers, alex is constantly seeking how to be the mother she wants to be while filling her artist heart. when traveling large distances to reach all the shows and markets she knew would bring her artwork to those seeking her symbolic folk art style began to compete with her priority as a mother of young children, she created a market of her own. the east idaho art market began last may and was a wild success. a small community where artists and residents are just beginning to receive support from city employees & officials, alex and her co-founder shelby thayne couldn't be more pleased. this year, attend the east idaho art market august 26th from 10 to 5 and lookout for their holiday market later in the year. if you're in utah, you can also get to know alex and her artwork the end of this month (june) till july 4th at "art around the park" that runs simultaneously to the beloved "wasatch plein air paradise" event that has been part of midway city's 4th of july for many years. she'll also be at the "sidewalk art festival" in idaho falls july 22nd and 23rd. let's be part of the exciting "shift" alex talks about in her interview. make sure to follow her email lists on her website: and on 

on brooke walker's studio 5 sharing the symbolism of flowers

large scale floral brid oil art spring symbols thick oil paint katrina berg
what are your favorite flowers? why are you drawn to them? hear brooke and i talk about flower symbols for forsythia, king protea, daffodil & spotted orchids.
go see the show at alpine art & frame until friday june 30th!
alpine art & frame
430 east south temple street
salt lake city
gallery hours:
monday - friday 9 am to 5:30 pm
saturday 10 am to 3 pm
instagram: @alpineartframe
to reserve pieces in this collection, reach out to myself (k@katrinaberg)
or gallery curator susan bonosconi (

"signs & symbols of spring" -- my solo show at alpine art & frame in salt lake

online catalog katrina berg large floral birds thick paint contemporary oil

signs and symbols of spring

alpine art & frame
430 east south temple street
salt lake city
go see the show at alpine art & frame until friday june 30th!
gallery hours:
monday - friday 9 am to 5:30 pm
saturday 10 am to 3 pm
instagram: @alpineartframe

sharing 6 floral artists on brooke walker's studio 5

6 local lady floral artists brooke walker studio 5 katrina berg

it's always a treat to be with brooke and her amazing studio 5 team! here's a link to the segment on ksl's website

artist friends i shared about:

barbara young
ig: @barbaranyoung
sadie muhlenstein
ig: @wildjoypotteryandart
denise gasser
ig: @denisegasserart
sarah ebert
ig: @sarahebert_art
nancy andruk olson
ig: @nancyandrukolsonartist
ig for paint: @brighterdaypigments

go see my solo show "signs & symbols of spring" at alpine art & frame until friday june 30th!

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exploring "divine quietness" with author emily robison adams

emily adams divine quietness lds faith crisis questions answers to prayers
CANDYcolored studio episode #228:
what a gift to spend time with appellate lawyer, mother of 3, and author emily adams! if you've ever wondered if your prayers aren't being answered the way you would like or thought they should be answered -- if you've ever felt like your relationship with God has been stifled -- if you've ever felt like your framework of faith is being tested or is crumbling...emily's experiences and resources will not only remind you that you're not alone, but you will be invited to get uncomfortable, face your doubts and fears, and will offer tools to help you move through this experience with greater confidence, hope and ultimately, peace. many have written about faith journeys, spiritual questions and even faith crises -- most are presented after the author's "trail of faith" and successful conclusion. emily courageously offers her perspective, raw feelings of angst and hope, and the desire for more in the earliest stages of her doubts and questioning. her vulnerability reminds us that this is part of the human experience -- a spiritual journey -- and that while we may not all face these spiritual challenges in the same way, it's actually more common than we have been told, and can be a powerful way to reinforce the faith and testimony that we currently have. sometimes that requires uncomfortable reexamining of our tradition, culture, and supposed beliefs. we may even have to tear down some of the framework in our testimony to rediscover our foundation of faith in God. what can be extremely painful and triggering as we go about our usual routine and participate in traditional worship, as we wrestle or sit with God -- wait upon the Lord -- allow His omniscience and deep desire for our ultimate growth and happiness, we can find ourselves closer each day to the truth, peace and joy we're so earnestly seeking. so many thanks to emily for so bravely sharing her experience and the skills she's gathering to help her continue on this noble quest. enjoy!

trading comfort for truth and symbols of hope in my latest large piece

oval flofal doves mums thick oil paint contemporary flowers

CANDYcolored studio podcast episode 227:

"i wish you love" was created with all the symbols of hope – doves in all sorts of colors from all over the world, irises, poppies and chrysanthemums. named after the song by sarah mckenzie, 48x60 oil on an oval wood board. seeing signs of spring and feeling so much gratitude as the weather changes and animals return to our neighborhood. manifesting goodness for artists embarking on new creative projects & ventures. meanwhile, i’ve been pondering what comfort i'd be willing to give up to find and embrace truth – does it involve unknown timing and the possibility of getting "stuck"? will cross-training by finding new places to search & learn flex our discernment muscles & help us while we're waiting to find that peace & joy in truth? lots to consider – sending so much love!!

art and soup preview with artists nancy andruk olson, greg newbold, rob chipman, barb young, brandt berntson, heather holm, brekke sjoblom, jenn seeley & rebecca klundt!!

heather holm artist lsndscape nostalgia salt lake art and soup cns cares
CANDYcolored studio podcast episode 226:
art & soup 2023!! next week: march 28th-30th at the salt palace in slc utah. cns cares has been supporting our local community for nearly 100 years. they have a special arm of their program that provides home health and care to those who can’t pay for it themselves. art & soup is an annual fundraiser to support these patients. this year 60 local artists will be joining cns cares to help make this possible. a portion of all sales will be going directly to the fund. And no, you don’t have to be local to purchase art and support this great cause – each artist has a QR code where you can purchase online. listen and watch (on spotify and youtube) 9 of my favorite artists share about their work and what they’ll be bringing to next week’s show. hear from nancy andruk olson – (who is an artist AND a cns nurse) a personal experience helping a family who benefitted from the fund. she’ll be bringing her brightly colored watercolor florals and landscapes created with the paint she makes herself! you can also buy a set of her paints at art & soup. greg newbold will be bringing his gorgeous oil landscapes, whimsy acrylic and oil toy portraits, and keep an eye out for his children’s art books that he and his wife amy have created -- they are pure magic! rob chipman is this year's featured artist! his reduction block prints are one of a kind and quite the process! hear all about the details in this fine craft. barb young has been sharing her whimsy graphic artwork locally for 25 years! recently she has started a new abstract series diving into symbolism of color and using specific verbs to guide each piece. hear how she is finding joy in her garden and create art to process grief and other challenges in her life. brandt berntson will be bringing scenes from his beautiful cache valley, vintage vehicles (some with surprising elements like donuts atop) and signs that will make you smile and provoke some deep thoughts. heather holm's paintings bring nostalgia and serenity with her book, movie and special places. hear all about her brand new studio underway and her determination to return to her love of painting. brekke sjoblom will be bringing watercolor pieces debuting in a new oceanside series, pieces inspired by her photography, and landscapes of beloved local utah spaces. jenn seeley is known for her animal art and will be bringing many large animal portraits -- some whimsy and also some with lots of thick paint and texture. she'll also be bringing work from her acrylic landscape series too. rebecca klundt has such a unique body of work that is created with colorful scraps of wood assembled into breathtaking landscapes, portraits, florals, abstract mosaics and more. she'll have very small to large pieces and even kits to purchase so that you can go home and create your own. brillant! (click to listen & watch)

parent realization: our "greatest mistake" is really our greatest blessing

podcast for parents mothers
CANDYcolored studio podcast episode 225:
sharing today about the most unexpected blessings that came into our life and caused a great pivot and hinge-point for our marriage and set the stage for our family of 7 – and we’re eternally grateful! other things mentioned in this episode are a reminder to apply for the springville salon if you’re local. also, check out the new “pod-sisters” panel episode with my favorite artist ladies of the “artists soar” and the “inspired painter” podcasts – it’s episode # 77 on the “artists soar” podcast – all about the importance and power of saying “no” and all the goodness that comes when we do so. if you’re listening on spotify, enjoy emilie-claire barlow’s latest song, “bird of beauty” – it’s absolutely charming. there’s a couple red pills to consider, some gratitude & manifesting thoughts. (click to listen)

creating an artist studio you never want to leave

creating an artist studio you never want to leave
CANDYcolored studio episode 224:
my solo opening will be may 19th at alpine art in salt lake city – 8 new very large florals with birds and lots of symbolism. you’re invited! for more info and a sneak peek go to my website ( and click on my “‘23 solo show” page. what are some key components that make a studio most efficient, cozy and productive? i’ll share 7 aspects to consider that have continually made my studio spaces my happy place.

8 must–read art publications, my 5’ tall easter egg painting, what to do with older artwork, & 15 ways to survive a winter apocalypse

large oval contemporary art floral oil birds thick paint candy color chinoisery ginger jar sandhill crane kingfisher
for art collectors looking for new artists to follow and learn about or for artists looking for new inspiration – here’s a list of 8 magazines you might want to purchase a copy or subscription. from “fine art connoisseur” to “art and cake”, i’m sure you’ll find something new that you’ll enjoy. slcc (salt lake community college) is open for exhibition proposals till april 7th, and create! magazine is accepting art for their summer issue. a pod-sister panel episode about what to do with older work has launched on jessica libor’s “inspired painter podcast” – listen to episode #115. it’s packed with wonderful ideas and mindset thoughts for artists. hear about the symbolism in my latest large oval floral with birds that symbolize easter. a red pill about our media, who owns it, where the info comes from and more. and finally, 15 ways that have helped me enjoy winter – even an apocalyptic one as the one we’re currently enjoying!

pod-sister panel!! press experiences and opportunities with the ladies of the artists soar podcast: stephanie, rachel & jules and jessica of the inspired painter podcast

pod-sister podcast panel episode artists soar the inspired painter candy colored studio press for artists

CANDYcolored studio podcast episode 222:

have you taken advantage of press opportunities? are you interested in getting more press for your artwork? hear from 5 artists with different styles & subjects, with different press experiences & opportunities, and various goals for future press. what is press? how can i reach out to press? what opportunities are best for me? how can i be my best ally when it comes to press? hear our thoughts on these questions and so much more! in this podcast episode we brainstorm together and offer suggestions that you can pursue too. special thanks to stephanie weaver, jules mccullough, rachel harchanko and jessica libor for sharing their experiences, hope and dreams. listen to the artist soar podcast episode 22 for jules’ horrifying discovery about her doppelganger. email us your greatest goal for press – we’d love to manifest that as a group. sending so much love from all 5 of us! xo